To our new

Metabolic Medicine Clinic

at The Bartlett Medical Clinic & Wellness Center.

As of November 1, 2020 we decided to leap forward in the needs of our community to create an experience that has not yet existed - a focused clinic on creating metabolic impact.

That also meant we had to say goodbye to full spectrum family medicine and primary care for this focused clinic concept. For those that still need their prior medical records from Feb 2016 through November 1, 2020, please click here. All records are stored with a medical record custodian company in order for ease, and faster turn around (this means our clinic does not handle the distribution of these).

Now, for those that are looking forward to our new clinic offerings, please sit tight!

We are working hard to get this going, and we want it to be a great experience from the beginning. With that in mind, we have excitedly refreshed the clinic, and getting our last details sorted.

All the best, Dr. B

Let’s get moving.

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