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Currently not accepting new Direct Primary Care members or new family medicine patients. 

DPC Clinic Policies

CLINIC POLICIES The Bartlett Medical Clinic & Wellness Center 01/02/2020

NOTE: No longer accepting new DPC patients as of 01/01/2020.

These policies are not all inclusive, see your Patient Agreement for all other details. 

Membership Cancellation Policy We have no long term contracts or commitments. If you decide to cancel, it's easy, you just let us know with 30 day written notice. 

Then, your last bill/payment will be at the end of that current billing period as we bill in arrears (meaning at the end of a 30 day period/cycle).  

Please know, simply stopping payment without notice will create late fees per account, and after 60 days of non-payment your account is suspended, after 90 days termination of care, and your account is sent to collections.

We do charge an enrollment fee and if you cancel and then decide to rejoin, you will be asked to pay the $149 per individual (family max $249) re-enrollment fee. Ability to re-join practice is at physician's discretion. Of course, if our panel becomes full in the interim, you may be wait listed to rejoin.

UPDATE 01/01/2018: If the above is not followed, or somebody disputes (accidental or intentional) our charges, they will then be liable for any dispute fees incurred by the Merchant Service Vendor (usually between $15 to $30 per dispute), Membership immediately terminated, and will then be sent to collections.

Membership Late Fees From Patient Agreement:  

iv. Late Fees. The relationship between Patient and Practice is maintained by on-time payments. In the event that Patient knows they will be unable to pay a Fee(s) on time, Patient must notify The Bartlett Clinic and attempt to find a solution. Failure by Patient to pay Monthly payments on time may be regarded as termination of our relationship as Patient’s physician. A. Credit/Debit card/ACH payments that are denied or rejected will incur a $10 processing fee for each individual member of family. B. Patient payment is expected no later than seven (7) calendar days past the 1st of the month (or due date); payments beyond that date will incur a $10 late fee for each individual member of family. C. Failure by Patient to make payment within 30 days of 1st of the Month (or due date) will result in a suspension of membership. During such suspension, Services will not be provided by Practice until all owed payments are received. D. Failure by Patient to make a payment within 60 days of 1st of the Month will result in termination of Patient’s membership. Practice reserves the right to (i) decline Patient re-enrollment and/or (ii) require Patient to go to the end of any patient waiting list that exists. Additionally, Patient must come to the office to sign a new Patient Agreement, and Patient will be required to pay a $200 per individual (or max $400 per family unit) re-enrollment fee before returning to active patient status. Patient will also be required to pay any outstanding patient bills from the prior membership term. Failure to make payments can lead to utilization of Collection Agencies to re-coup payments.  

Enrollment Fee Policy Then, 30 days later you will be billed for the monthly membership fee. The membership billing starts immediately -- this is how you are a part of the 600 members.  

Controlled Substance Policies Controlled Substances. It is not the policy of Practice to prescribe chronic controlled substances on Patient’s behalf, including commonly abused opioid medications, benzodiazepines, and other stimulants.

See below regarding ADD/ADHD evaluation and treatment.

Work/School Excuse Policies Work/School excuses can be obtained from our office under the following circumstance: A patient comes to the office for an acute illness. We will give an excuse for a reasonable amount of time for time missed, and anticipated time missed (based on the specifics of the illness). ● A patient comes to the office for a visit. We can give an excuse for the day of the visit. ● A patient contacts us about an illness requiring time missed, but not severe enough to require an office visit. The contact (either by phone or electronic) must be within 48 hours of time missed.

We realize that businesses and schools require excuses even for minor problems, so we are willing to work with our patients in these circumstances. But we cannot excuse illnesses we never hear about.

Form Completion Policies Dr. Bartlett will complete single page school and work forms, for example. We do not complete FMLA, insurance accident reports, workers comp, or otherwise.

Medication Dispensing Ability - Account must be up to date, and paid in full. 01/01/2020 NEW POLICY: Patient's account must be paid in full and up to date to be eligable for non-controlled medication ordering and dispensing from the clinic. If account is not paid in full by time of ordering, then after paying in full, they can pay the late fee of $15 to get medications as available from wholesaler. 

Our Privacy Policy See bottom section of our website.

No Show Policy and Fee

Appointments are not considered confirmed until you have completed your online registration.

No shows without giving 24 business hours notice, will be subject to $50 No Show Fee. No exceptions.

Notice may given by calling or email only. Texting not allowed.  

ADHD/ADD Treatment Policy Update 03/23/2018

Medication tolerance, dependence, and at worse, addiction are real risks posed with these medications. And on top of all this risk, they are often ridiculously expensive.

We live in a world where we have more information thrown at us, more expectations with constant connections/contacts, more distractions, more financial chaos and spending, more social media contacts hacking our brain to require more dopamine to feel "normal", and of course, less nutrition, less sleep, less exercise, and less rest. Less peace. Our brains don't stand a chance.

All the above occur, but that does NOT medically mandate a treatment of ADHD/ADD.

Policy Change, Effective 03/23/2018: - A psychiatrist will need to evaluate a person first, start treatment (prescribe), and stabilize on dose, and send documentation to me, directly, via fax, 614.300.5661. - No ADHD/ADD treatment will be continued, without documentation as well. - Any dose adjustment or medication changes will have to be done by a psychiatrist. - No exceptions to the above.

Any current patients on controlled stimulant medication may be asked in the future to follow up with psychiatrist as well.

If you're interested, feel free to look at this interesting piece from NPR:

And, glance at this study, Enhancement stimulants: Perceived motivational and cognitive advantages:

Medication Dispensing Mailing Protocol Update 06/01/2018 NEW POLICY AS OF 06/01/2018: If medications that were requested to be ordered are NOT picked up/mailed/secured arrangements by 1 week of notification email, the medication (so long as safe to do so), WILL be mailed to you with mailing cost billed to your invoice.

Email Review Policy Explanation The linked blog may help you to understand why emails are checked twice a day during business hours. Why? This may help explain the clinics need for efficiency. The clinic requires 24 business hours to be able to reply. Thank you!  

Hormone Recommendations from Pharmacists We advise patients to not expect any hormone replacements to be prescribed by Dr. Bartlett at the request of any outside pharmacist. Dr. Bartlett will not do so. If hormone replacement is needed, Dr. Bartlett will refer you either to an endocrinologist or gynecologist, as appropriate.

01/02/2020 Updated.