How will I, or another medical provider get my medical records?

Starting November 3, 2020, a medical records company will be helping our clinic going forward. Check back on this page.

Will I be able to get them from the clinic directly?

No, all records will be stored with this company.

Why can't I get them from the clinic directly?

First accessibility. We want this to be easy and available within the Ohio required statutes of keeping medical records. Once those years expire, the charting is destroyed -- forever, unobtainable. This is routine policy.

Second, hundreds of pages.... HUNDREDS that fax machines do NOT like, nor do doctor's offices like having their fax machine jammed up for hours for 1 patient's chart.

We know -- we have experience in how much this takes -- time, paper, and ink. A lot.

Third, avoiding delay. The mass amount of records needed to be sent is humanly impossible with a simple fax machine, and will create delay. This is why our clinic has actually invested in this for our DPC patients -- to avoid this.

Please note, all records will be sent to the company.

Any medical records requests that have recently be sent, the patient will be notified of this so they can obtain the records from the company.

Will it cost anything?

Yes, $25 payable to the medical records company. This is very affordable compared to what our clinic or they could charge -- see this link. It could cost well over $100 based on the amount of charting history our clinic has -- but we worked hard to find an affordable way.

If we had chosen to print the records, we would have been forced to charge and collect the medical records fees as noted in the above link. Very expensive. Not the goal for you.

Also, remember Dr. Bartlett has always sent you much of your record over the course of treatment: labs, imaging, etc -- so quick search in your own email folders will get you much information already in your hands.

How will I get my records?

After the company determines the appropriateness of request in HIPAA compliant manner, the requester will have option of choice of using a secure downloadable link, or have a CD mailed to the requestor.

When will I get my records?

This should happen within 7-10 days of request.

What if I need the records in a few years?

Once the link is live, please bookmark this page forever for your future needs in the years to come.

Will the clinic know if I requested records?

Yes, from time to time Dr. Bartlett may check in with the company to check on the progress.